Signature Genmai Sencha Teabags

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Types of Tea: Infusion

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Contemporary men, taking their health seriously, make anti-aging and healthcare one of the most important pursuits of life. Tea drinking, an art-form, presents numerous benefits to the body. And Genmai tea, apart from its good taste, offers even greater benefits with double nutrition from green tea and brown rice. Among different brands of Genmai tea, ‘Montea’ is of exceptionally high quality, with a well-devised packaging design that brings out the most robust taste of green tea and brown rice.

Genmai is also called brown rice. Genmai tea is made with green tea leaves  and fried brown rice.

This tea product exhibits a clear robust green colour, is highly aromatic and does not hurt the digestive system.

Abundant Healthcare Nutrients

Green tea, rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and other nutrients, exerts powerful anti-oxidant and antibacterial actions. Genmai is teeming with essential nutrients grossly lacking in today’s diet. Since processing is minimal, it abounds in vitamins, dietary fibre, iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals. Genmai contains an especially high amount of Vitamin E and collagen that makes the skin more elastic. Its high magnesium and zinc content promotes metabolism. Hence the combination of green tea with Genmai can give numerous benefits such as slimming, lowering blood pressure and lipids, promoting sleep etc, making it a value-for-money health drink. Below is a list of Genmai tea’s healthcare benefits:

Combining the healthcare effects of green tea plus Genmai’s nutritional value, it can de-stress, increase peristalsis and relax the body and mind.      It enhances blood circulation, improves bowel movement to relieve constipation.

It is an ideal drink for hypertensives and people with high cholesterol value.       It warms the stomach, so that even people with weak stomachs can drink it.        It improves indigestion and whets the appetite.       Rich in amino acids and vitamins, it can exert beauty care and slimming effects as well as prevent cell acidification.

Production process

One of the key ingredients in genmai tea is brown rice, which is soaked, steamed and then stir-fried. The last process is critical and must be done patiently. If the brown rice is not stir-fried enough, rice aroma is not fully released. If the process is overdone, rice grains become carbonized to release a burnt smell, ruining the taste and colour of the tea. Hence, the stir-frying process must be done just right

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