The Health Benefits of Tea / 茶的好处与健康


(1) Anti-aging, anti-cancer & anti-atherogenic
(2) Prevention of diabetes
(3) Reduce Body Fats

(4) Anti-Fungal Support
(5) Helping in relieving stress


(1) 抗衰老,抗癌症和抗动脉硬化的作用
(2) 防治糖尿病作用
(3) 减肥健美作用
(4) 杀菌止痢作用
(5) 可提神提神、去烦、解除疲倦

Jasmine Tea

(1) Rich in nutrients, has a wide range of effects on human health
(2) Regulate melancholy mood, increase vitality
(3) Help to regulate blood circulation and gastrointestinal disorders

(4) Reduce stress, naturally relax and improve their mood


(1) 含有丰富的营养成分,对人体健康具有广泛的功效
(2) 可调理忧郁的情绪,增加活力
(3) 能夠預防心血管疾病、腸道疾病等
(4) 具有解除忧郁、振奋精神的功效

Pu Er Tea

(1) Thirst quenching and refreshing effects
(2) Prevention and treatment of diseases, such as antibacterial anti-inflammatory, cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, hypoglycemic and others
(3) Reduce cholesterol level in the body


(1) 能止渴生津和提神的功效
(2) 能治百病,如抑菌消炎、抗癌、防止冠心病、降血压、降血糖等
(3) 对高脂模型兔有降低胆固醇甘油三酯作用

Green Tea

(1) Aid in digestive system
(2) Faster and more effective weight loss results
(3) Improve sleep patterns / helps with sleep
(4) Help with wrinkles and the signs of aging


(1) 可改善消化不良情况
(2) 帮助身体脂肪代谢
(3) 可以安定睡眠质量,对睡眠有帮助
(4) 可增进肌肤抵抗力以达到抗衰老目的

Genmai Sencha

(1) De-stress, relax the body and mind
(2) Enhances blood circulation, improves bowel movement to relieve constipation
(3) Improve digestion and whet the appetite
(4) Rich in amino acids and vitamins, can exert beauty care and slimming effects as well as prevent cell acidification.


(1) 可以消除压力,使人放松心情
(2) 促进血液循环,增强肠道蠕动,润肠通便
(3) 有消食导滞,健脾开胃的功效
(4) 富含氨基酸和维生素,有美颜瘦身的功效,能够防止细胞酸化

Oolong Tea

(1) Reduces the risk of cancer and lower blood cholesterol levels
(2) Prevention of diabetes and tooth decay
(3) Effective in controlling the metabolism of the fat in the body and reducing obesity.
(4) Natural solution for healthy skin


(1) 防癌症,降低血液中的胆固醇含量
(2) 可治疗糖尿病和预防蛀牙
(3) 具有溶解脂肪的减肥效果
(4) 促使皮脂量保持平衡和提高角质层的保水能力