Montea MXC_001 Xi Cha Aged Osmanthus Liu Pao Tea (3gx10’s)


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  • According to the Compendium of Materia Medical, the medicinal value of Osmanthus fragrans (commonly known as sweet osmanthus) in traditional chinese medicine is to warm the spleen and stomach, as well as to dispel coldness and dissipate blood stasis. Our Montea osmanthus liu pao tea is formulated based the theory of  traditional chinese medicine, and is processed by a scientific kiln technology. This tea calms and charms you with its mellow taste and long-lasting fragrance. We could only collect a small amount of sweet osmanthus during its short full bloom season in October,  and is dried carefully in a kiln. It is rare, therefore it is precious.
  • 据(本草纲目)记载,桂花有温中散汗寒,暖胃散瘀的作用,桂花六堡茶是根据中医的养生理论,采用科学的加工方法窑制而成。该茶滋味醇和,香气幽长,池人心脾,韵味无穷。桂花六堡茶只用在金秋十月盛开的桂花窑制,时间很短,数量很少,所以显得弥足珍贵。

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