Shaping Your Health


KWF Group changed its name to KWF Food Industries Sdn Bhd (KWF Food Industries) in 2015 after acquiring Ten Lan Jee Sdn Bhd, a company that has been in the tea industry for nine years. KWF Food Industries took the bold move to rebrand itself and refocused its effort on product development and took on initiatives to redesign its packaging and distribution channels. Among the new products introduced to the market are tailor-made premium gift packages, hampers for festivals, door gifts for events, gift sets with unique themes, and many more.

Its in-house brand – Montéa hit the market in December 2016, introducing a range of HALAL certified tea products. The products included tea bags, black tea and six types of Chinese tea. Other products offered under the brand are infusion tea, tea dust and coffee to serve different market segments. As part of its marketing and business positioning strategy, KWF Food Industries engaged on the whole range of the manufacturing process, which include importing, developing, manufacturing, packaging, custom manufacturing, wholesale and distributing.

Montéa is steadfast on using only premium quality tea leaves for it’s Tea Bag products. They are meticulously packed in stapler-free no glue U-shaped double room tea bags that ensure better infusion. Montéa tea bags are packed using non-heat sealed natural filter paper and covered with a non-fluorescent pocket to moisture-proof and keep the products fresh. Thus, affording the consumers with products that adhered to the highest standard of quality and hygiene.

The Montéa series comprises various types of Chinese tea of different grades that come with assorted packaging ranging from cans to small square bricks to cater to the needs of our customers. Additionally, the packaging is small and can be easily carried. The designs are elegant to cater to the individual tastes of tea lovers around the world.

KWF Food Industries continuously monitor the pulse of the market.  One of the initiatives it undertook was to introduce the Tea Bags with Stevia series under Montéa in 2011, which is in line with the increased demand for healthier products by consumers who are getting more health conscious. Tea Bags with Stevia fulfil the needs of consumers who love their beverages sweet but wants the health benefits of stevia. By introducing this product, KWF is keeping in tune with its slogan – “shaping your health”.

In 2018, Montéa adopted a cleaner and simpler design for its brand and logo. The new design, which does not bear any Chinese characters, reflects the modern lifestyle of today’s consumers who prefer uncluttered designs with minimal text.  The design was introduced to also cater to the international market soon.

With consumers’ health in mind and keeping with the Company’s slogan – “shaping your health”, KWF Food Industries will be introducing its second brand, Monteh, to the market by October 2019. Packed in new packaging, Monteh is made of Black Tea powder that is free of any colour additive and flavouring agents. With consumers’ health in mind, Monteh is healthier and safer for consumers who love black tea and Teh Tarik. 

Director of KWF Food Industries, leads the Company’s branding communication and operations.  We hope to invigorate traditional tea culture among the younger generation. To achieve this, we had been thinking out of the box by introducing stylish, elegant and convenient products.  By using the Company’s slogan – “shaping your health”- as a guide, our team continue to change and adapt the products to suit the tea consumption trend of the new generation. These efforts will help encourage more people, especially the younger generation, to get involved and enjoy the rich culture of their favourite beverage – tea.